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About MeraMovie


to help you in creating your own short movies.

About MeraMovie

MeraMovie is all about bringing together all kinds of movie talents under one roof. Our attempt is to setup a complete end-to-end solutions to help you in creating your own short movies.

Be it a short movies / albums / ads / training tutorials or any other kind of custom movies you would like to create for your audience. We will help you to start your production. All you need to have is just an idea, you can find rest of the talents needed for your movie here.

We will help you to find right talents needed to convert your idea to a short movie. Here you can find all talents right from storyboarding to release and advertising.

Welcome to MeraMovie! Your new age short movies/Advertisement building website. You got any ad idea or a short movie? Want some help to develop it further or need a mentor? Need a professional touch to your ad or get it build? Want to find an agency to create an ad or hire you? Want someone to advertise for your business? Well then you are in the right place.

MeraMovie is the one-stop place for all types of your movie making needs. Here you can find all help related to your movie building needs. All you need to do is to register, post your ideas, suggest/share your idea on somebody's requirement or do Social work (Like, Share, Comment and suggestions/idea). We will take your work's to target audience and get your expected responses.

Join us and start experiencing the whole new ad world!

Since the site is under development and reviews. we are planning to make is simple and robust. So we currently taking registrations only through invitation or referral code. If you thing you can boost our idea please feel free to contact us using Feedback

I have an Idea!

If you have any of:

  • I have an Idea which I want get developed.
  • I have an idea in welfare of the socity (Child Labour, Women benefit, Socity awareness etc.); but dono how to start
  • I can build new age advertisement
  • Volunteer or Looking for job for my movie making skills

You can register yourself as an Idea Provider

I can Guide/Mentor and Develop

If you have any of:

  • Experience in Short movie building or Media Advertising
  • Got a Production team or staff which is well aware of movie making
  • Running a theater or perform short awareness program on streets/public places

You can register yourself as an Designer/Mentor. Here people can use your experience or get guidance.

We run a small firm

Running a small firm/organisation which is in favour of Socity; like Help Child, Women, people awareness etc.:

  • Looking for some shor films to get done
  • Advertise your firm
  • Looking for ideas to improve your services

You can register yourself as an Post/Firm/Organisation. Here you can post your requirements and People with Ideas, mentors or the Agencies could help you out.

Ad Media Agency or Short movie making team

If you have any of:

  • If you are looking for work for our Organisation
  • Looking for candidates who can work with us/clients
  • Running a theater or perform short awareness program on streets/public places

You can register yourself as an Agency/Firm/Consultant. Here you can find people with similar work experience which your organisation is looking for, also can get work/projects for the same.


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